Журнал: Stomatologiya
Nigmatov R.N., Ruziev Sh.D., Nigmatova N.R., Xanova D.N., & Saydiganiev S.S. (2024). ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN DENTISTRY. Stomatologiya, 1(1), 58–61. извлечено от


AI is a powerful technology that can simulate human intelligence and perform complex tasks in various fields, including dentistry. One of the fields that can benefit from AI is endodontics, which deals with the diagnosis and treatment of the dental pulp and the surrounding tissues. AI models, such as convolutional neural networks and/or artificial neural networks, can be used for different purposes in endodontics, such as analyzing the root canal anatomy, predicting the survival of dental pulp stem cells, determining the working length, detecting root fractures and periapical lesions, and estimating the outcome of retreatment procedures. AI can also have potential applications in other aspects of endodontics, such as scheduling, patient management, drug interactions, prognostic diagnosis, and robotic endodontic surgery. AI has shown accuracy and precision in endodontics, especially in disease detection, assessment, and prediction.

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