Nigmatov R.N., Bakhshillaeva S.A., Saidova M.D., & Abdullayeva M.M. (2024). THE EFFECT OF DEEP BITE ON POSTURE. Stomatologiya, 1(1), 3–6. извлечено от
Nigmatov R.N., Tashkent State Dental Institute


Bakhshillaeva S.A., Tashkent State Dental Institute


Saidova M.D., Tashkent State Dental Institute


Abdullayeva M.M., Tashkent State Dental Institute



This article explores the complex relationship between deep bite and posture, shedding light on the potential impact of biting teeth on overall body posture. Using a review and analysis of the literature, this study examines existing data and presents conclusions about correlation between deep bite and posture changes. The article also discusses the potential implications for dentists and practitioners, providing valuable information for interdisciplinary collaboration.

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